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Judge Kerry Neves Seeks Second Term

Judge Kerry Neves, after more than 3 years on the Bench, has filed for re-election to a second term.  He was unopposed in the March Republican primary, and will be on the November ballot for another 4 years serving the people of Galveston County.


During his first term, Judge Neves has presided over many cases, trying a Capital Murder case and many other criminal and civil cases.  He has also been selected to preside over a new Mental Health Court, which will begin in September.


The Judge has great support among the attorneys who appear in his Court and the litigants involved in the cases he has handled.  His strong support for law enforcement has led to endorsements from the Galveston Municipal Police Officers Association and the League City Police Officers Association.


“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Bench,” Judge Neves has said, “And I look forward to continuing to protect and serve the people of Galveston County.  I appreciate the support of the the lawyers and officers who appear before me, and who know me well.  I will do everything I can to continue to earn their support.”